Help with your Self-Assessment

If you work in the construction sector, it’s most likely 20% is deducted from your pay and given to HMRC as part of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

By doing your CIS tax return you can claim back what you spent on things like equipment, clothing, meals, and travel.  Plus you get back your tax-free Personal Allowance!

For many self-employed people, it is a daunting and time-consuming task filing your own return.  So why not let us handle this task for you.

However, there is no need to put yourself through the stress of uncertainty to fulfil your obligations to HMRC; here at Omnia, we can now complete and submit your tax return for you and ensure that every element of it is completed correctly as well as helping you to identify areas where you can save money.

On signing up, you’ll receive a checklist via email to give you a complete breakdown on what can and can’t be claimed for so you know exactly what documentation is needed.  Once all the information is received, we will have the draft claim / assessment ready for you to go through and either approve or raise any queries you may have prior to submission.

Contact us by email now to get the process started,